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Desk of Principal

Desk of Principal

A school is always a "world in miniature" where one receives 'training for life' where effective, meaningful and joyful learning takes place.

I am glad to report that we are at the threshold of another academic session. We have always believed in constantly learning and improvising. This year, we look forward to implement a plethora of new practices to take our educational methodology to a whole new level. We strive to bring the most efficient and effective methodologies in our classroom teaching. For this, we have equipped our classes with best technologies available.

We also look forward to set a benchmark in our teaching methods. Beginning with an induction seminar, all our teachers will undergo comprehensive training sessions this year to unlearn and learn. As we have always believed, every child is unique. So we work doggedly to ensure that each and every child receives the attention he or she deserves.

We plan to organize more activities and fests this year and by doing so, we also intend to involve the parents and work with them at a closer level. I hope our intention and efforts would be appreciated.

Best Wishes
Sana Meraj